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Solo or Group Privates

If you’re interested in private Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tuition, Professor Thomas offers solo or group lessons to students looking to take their game to the next level

Many of our students book private lessons with Professor Thomas, Avant Garde Head Coach and experienced BJJ Black Belt competitor. It goes without saying but private lessons are a fantastic way to improve your specific BJJ game, as you can choose exactly what you would like to learn about in immense detail.

If you find yourself often getting caught with a particular sweep, or you can’t seem to finish a specific submission setup, then you’re probably missing some minor (or potentially major) details and it’s not always obvious what these could be. Otherwise, these issues wouldn’t keep repeating themselves, right? It’s great when you figure out what you’re doing wrong by yourself, but sometimes, you just need fresh set of eyes to help pinpoint any gaps in your game.

-Want a monthly performance report to work on your weak areas ? what to improve to be closer than blue belt ?

-Want a Q&A Session on any issue and difficulty you face sparring ?

-Want to receive more feedback concerning your personal game (a BJJ group class is based on repetition, and the focus is to transfer knowledge to everyone, not a particular individual)

-Want some advices for some variations of a technique for your own bodytype and personal game

You can book your private classes here :

Private lessons are essentially an investment which will help you to speed up your learning, ensuring you’re not repeating or solidifying bad habits on the mats. The coaches at Avant Garde can tell pretty quickly what kind of strategies are suitable for any particular student; pressure passing might work for some of the larger guys, but speed passing might be more appropriate for the agile movers. Either way, we can help you on a technical and conceptual level to better flesh out a BJJ game which works best for you.

Getting some extra support in your learning

We don’t necessarily recommend private lessons for super beginners. After all, it’s better to have a decent understanding of where you’re going wrong first. If you can’t fully identify an issue, it’s going to be trickier to discern a solution. That said, for students who attend our regular classes on a frequent basis, they can really benefit from getting a private class or two to supplement their progress towards objectives.

We recommend taking private lessons with at least one other student as it’s much better to have a fellow student to practice techniques with. If you and your friend are a similar weight class and you have similar goals or abilities, this can really benefit both of you.

If you’re interested in taking privates at Avant Garde, reach out to our instructors and let them know what you’re looking to achieve. They’ll be able to assist you on a personal basis and the private lessons you take are designed to be a deeply rewarding experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ?‍? What is a BJJ Private?

    It’s simply a private lesson with the coaches at the academy. You can book one for yourself but we recommend bringing along a friend who is a similar weight and skill level.

  • ? I’m brand new to BJJ, would I benefit from a Private?

    Honestly, not so much. If you’ve just started, you should look to attend as many of the regular classes as possible. Later down the line, when you have more skills and more importantly, when you’re able to identify issues with your game, that’s when you’ll really benefit from a private.

  • ? What is taught during Privates?

    Whatever you’d like! The coaches dedicate these sessions to you and will help you with whichever parts of your game you’d like a fresh set of eyes on.

  • ? How much do these Privates cost? And at what time can I do one?

    Reach out to Thomas and David directly and they’ll be able to arrange a mutually agreeable time, and will let you know the price of these sessions.