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No Gi Advanced

Prefer training No Gi?  We’ve got you covered!

For students who have at least six months of experience under their belt, we teach No Gi classes twice a week which you’re welcome to attend. These classes cover a range of advanced No Gi techniques and of course, that also includes stand up game and competition-feasible takedowns.

Unlike Gi training where there are a wider range of available grips, in this class we focus on the most efficient No Gi grips, whilst drilling techniques that do not necessarily rely on lapel holds and the likes.

A short, high intensity warm up

Just like our other classes, No Gi Advanced begins with a warm up! It’s worth noting that our No Gi classes tend to be a little bit smaller than our Gi classes in terms of attendance, and we also find it more common to see more of our most advanced students here, so we try and keep the warm up high intensity but short, as this means we can jump right into the focus techniques of the week.

Time to get technical

To ensure our students get the most of these No Gi sessions, we usually work on a single area such as advancing half guard, side control or a specific linked set of techniques over the course of the training week.

For the techniques being taught, we will always reiterate the basic concepts before flow drilling movements or sequences to ensure students can string together different moves and submissions in a fluid manner.

It is the repetition of these flows which will enable you to think in a calm and collected manner when sparring, because you become better able to spot opportunities to advance any given position when you can recognise certain movement patterns.

The No Gi class structure is not fundamentally different to Gi, but there’s definitely more of an emphasis on stand up. Since we have the space as well as smooth, non-slip Fuji mats, it is super fun to drill and experiment with different takedowns. Knowing a few takedowns in detail can help build self confidence in competitions, especially since you will have a reliable game plan in mind following the first ‘Combate!‘ from the referee!

Professor Thomas has trained at some of the best academies in the world, practicing with and competing against international BJJ talents. Therefore, the structure of our No Gi Advanced class is based on his extensive experience of what really works, and what gets the best results for the student.

No Gi live sparring

In No Gi Advanced, we provide ample time for students to practice techniques through live sparring. Our aim is 30 to 45 minutes of rolling every single session. Everyone loves to roll, and you will have the chance to do just that!

Avant Garde Online Academy

Did you know that we have invested in our digital infrastructure to enhance the learning experience for all academy members at Avant Garde? For all the exciting moves we cover in class, you can load up multi-angle videos from the comfort of your own home to go back over them. With full voice over narration and 300+ techniques of premium HD content, you will be learning wherever you are.

Guest Black Belt teachers and Competition Class

Being the largest academy on the island, we attract some of the best BJJ talents that arrive in the Maltese Islands. It’s really not uncommon to have visiting Black Belts at Avant Garde, and they are usually more than happy to part their wisdom to Avant Garde students during their stay. Check out our Black Belt visitors web page to see some of the talents who have stopped by.

For up to date information on class times, you can visit our training schedule page. If you’re already on top of your BJJ game and you’re ready to compete either locally (which is rarely a possibility), or abroad, why don’t you come and join our Competition Class?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ✔️ Who are the No Gi Advanced classes for?

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students with at least six months of experience can join our No Gi Advanced class. If you don’t have that much experience, check out Fundamentals instead!

  • ⭕ Do we get to practice wrestling takedowns?

    Yes, instructor Thomas has a lot of experience in wrestling so we make sure to incorporate awesome takedowns into the No Gi curriculum being taught.

  • ⚔️ Can we do No Gi sparring in these sessions?

    Yes you can! Our students love to roll and we try and allocate up to 45 minutes for exactly this. 

  • ? When are these classes held?

    Check out our class schedule for the latest training times!

  • ? Where is Avant-Garde ?

    No 4 Triq Gerolamo Gianni San Ġwann, SGN 3500