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How to use the Online BJJ Academy ?


Here it is !

You managed to get your first stripe on your white belt, you did 40 hours of jiujitsu and 8 hours of beginner course, you begin to understand what to do in a positional sparring and you began to do full sparring with someone better than and you can go on Open mat sessions !

Even tho you enjoy every session of brazilian Jiujitsu, you learn something new at every class, you still become frustrated on some positions where you cannot figure how to get out or what to do from there offensively !

Another situation is when you come to the class, you manage to do the technique but going home and coming back to class on the next day, you seemed to forgot everything ! and you ask yourself if you have a small memory, or do i need to drill more ?

You can also find yourself in some positions like the bottom mount or the bottom sidecontrol which induces a claustrophobic feeling which almost makes you want to tap as you are lost , you just dont know what to do.

Breathe through the nose, exhale by the mouth, control your respiration and you anxiety, we are going to help you !


We have an online Academy with 250 HD videos !

1) Study before or after the class 

In your profile or in the schedule of the week, you can see that the instruction team put the technique on the schedule, as soon as you attend a class, you will find those skills in your profile with the video linked to it !

In your profile click on attendance and you will find all history of your training with all techniques 


If you click on triangle choke, a video will open demonstrating how to execute the technique of the week

in the skills tab, you also have every techniques you EVER Learned, how cool is that?

2) Are you stuck often in a same position ?

It happens to the best of us, as we have strenght and weaknesses in our BJJ game, we tend to repeat the same patterns and get stuck in the same position over and over … there is nothing more frustrating.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”


First, you need to realize which position are you having the most difficulties with ?

Is it is in side control ? from bottom mount ? half-guard ?

Or offensively, you manage to achieve an incredible dominant position like the Mount or the Side control but you dont know what to do ?

I am going to chose the position i am stuck in and chose the escapes or the attacks 



3) Are you a 4 stripes white belt or you want to study towards your Blue Belt ?

We created a curriculum of  +-  70 techniques to know, which are for us the building blocks of a perfect white belt game, it is heavily influenced by having an incredible guard, offensive, defensive, a good pass system and some takedowns

If you have no idea what to idea, we recommend you with no doubts to study those 70 techniques which will make a better Jiujitsuka