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Women Only Classes

The ideal sport for women

Focus, self-confidence, physical and mental health: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the ideal sport for women.

And it is easy to see why: Focused on defense and enabling a smaller and lighter person to control a larger opponent, women in BJJ tend to have a keen eye on technique over strength and especially at the beginning of their BJJ journey, they actually advance quicker than men do.

Our women’s only class will offer a comfortable and safe space for you to focus on your training with partners that have the same strength, height and weight as you do. Safety and respect for our training partners are the two fundamental premises we value highly which makes our classes ideal for those looking for an injury-free workout.

Under the experienced supervision of our trainers and together with other friendly women you will feel empowered to learn at your own speed and make the most out of …

Whether you also want to join the fundamental, the advanced or the advanced no gi classes – a women’s only class will either be a great addition to your training or simply the perfect entry point to practice BJJ and make new friends.

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